Op 2 december schreef Fred Friet: "Friends,

At this very moment I'm joining a new band called Magnetude, together with my bandmates Toine van der Linden (bass), Stanley Sanders (guitars), Erik Stout (drums) and Arjo Miedema (vocals).

We're planning to record some songs for demo-purposes and we're planning the first live gigs in 2008. Furthermore, we're writing the first Magnetude full-lenght album.

The music will be surprising different then you're used to with Reviver.

Stay tuned ...


Op 4 oktober december schreef Fred Mantel: "I'm afraid to be the bringer of bad news.

A few weeks ago, we have had a meeting to talk about the future of Reviver. Last years we moved into too much different directions both on a musical as a personal level. Things didn't work out anymore and bandmates didn't feel well in the band. Two months ago, this already resulted into a split with Patrick and Stefan. Allthough Reviver was near to a new complete line-up, there is no strong confidence to move on. We decided to split up to start new things, new challenges.

Allthough I will keep the name Reviver as a possibility to work with in future, this is not intended. I'm working on a new project/band, together with my old friends Pieter Bas Borger and Toine van der Linden. I will post updates about this on my new myspace page.

We want to thank all fans and all relations for their great support. We're proud on the album which has been released, it's a great album and it was fun to produce it. Thanks to Remedy Records for making the release of the album possible. Last but not least, I want to thank all bandmates I've worked with during the years, for their great coöperation and meeting up.

We're sad to freeze Reviver, but we're sure there will be new challenges which suit better.

For the moment this website will be kept up and running. In that way you will be informed about new projects, have a possibility to stay in contact.

All the best, stay in touch, let's move on into a new future ...

Fred Mantel

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